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young woman with long blonde hair looking at the camera, perched on a blossoming redbud tree in front of a stone wall, surrounded by bushes and flowers uner a blue sky with fluffy white clouds.


- Indie Singer-Songwriter bridging Folk, Rock, Punk and Pop

- Lyricist, Composer, Guitarist, Lead and Backing Vocals

- Canadian Musicians Co-operative Artist Program Administrator

- Classically Trained in Piano, Solo and Choral Vocals and Composition

- Advanced Rudiments in Music Theory Accreditation 

- 3000+ followers across all platforms

- Catalogue of SOCAN-registered originals

Short Bio

An ex-chorister and Royal Conservatory trained pianist, singer-songwriter laika berdey relies on her leaf-green guitar and her lovelorn lyrics to tell her stories of simple joys and wrenching heartbreak, exploring the ecstasies and disappointments of laying your heart in another's hands (or at their feet) in a disconnected age of disposable interactions.

Long Bio

Singer-songwriter laika berdey’s first language is music.  “I think in melody - songwriting is often less of a ‘something from nothing’ process and more of an attempt to translate what already lives in my head.”  Always a singer, and originally a glockenspiel player, she picked up piano, guitar, percussion and flute in elementary school after she started writing songs, each new instrument a new way to create and translate those internal cadences.  But if melody is her home, lyrics are her playground -  “My very first songwriting was parody - changing the words to songs I already knew and wanted to expand, or writing my own lyrics when I couldn’t remember or understand the ones on the radio.  Sometimes I preferred my own to the real ones.  I’ve always had a lot of fun with words.”  


Don’t let this fool you into thinking that laika only, or even mostly, uses words for a good time.   “I tend to write about love and loss, people I miss, and things in the world I wish I could change but sometimes feel powerless to.  Sometimes these are feelings that can give you the sense you're utterly alone.  If there's others out there feeling the same, I want them to feel a kinship, a recognition - a comfort in the knowledge that others are going through the same thing.”  Using music to make space for emotions and people that the world more often pushes out,  laika creates a community for lost souls and lonely hearts. 


After years playing in her hometown as a solo artist and a member of indie rock and folk bands, laika was finally able to take her show on the road when the Canadian Musicians Co-operative selected her for their province-wide Emerging Artist program and chose her original song “Sicked Up” for the 2021 CMC Summer Showcase concert in Barrie.  Returning as the Artist Program Administrator for the 2022 season, laika shaped the summer for 50 young Emerging and Pre-Professional artists and was a lead and backline artist in the 2022 Showcase Tour.  As a roster member of the London Arts Council, laika performs at diverse community events from the London Majors 2022 Home Opening Game to City Council Chambers meetings.  Currently laika is playing across Ontario and focusing on recording her first official release. 

young woman with long curly blonde hair sings into a wireless microphone ith her hand extended out in front of her.
    laika berdey performing at the
Canadian Musicians Co-operative Summer Showcase, August 28th 2021



High resolution photos available upon request.

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